Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Days without posts

Sorry about not posting, my life has been consumed with too many things that need higher attention - my research career, and getting the hobby businesses big enough to provide health care and money to people who need it - including my financial partner who just lost their job again. I lost 1/2 of my salary funding and have bureaucracy holding the rest of it back for a few months (or less we could hope). But I"m not complaining, I'm still affording my house and lifestyle and donating what I can. I'm just not having time to blog about it.
But some noteworthy things -
Twice now in the last month I've been asked by someone to put some gas into their car- at the gas station. They were obviously living in it an on hard times, and both seemed really shameful in even having to ask. And they might have only asked because I happened to be talking to them, I make a point of acknowledging people in public like that. Its good to feel part of community, and it can totally change someone's day or point of view. just to do small talk amongst all of us. But yah, now there seems to be people who are pretty desperate. Hard times in the USA. I keep doing what I can. Even if I'm not so good at blogging about it.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Picking Olives

I went and picked olives at Cal Tech on Friday. I figured I would give them the hour I usually spend on exercise and another I could spare. And I found out why olive oil is so expensive. Its really hard work picking olives!
The school started the program a few years ago to pick the olives from all the trees and turn it into olive oil and sell it to raise money for student activities.

Picking olives is also a dirty job.