Monday, November 24, 2008

People Assisting the Homeless

I made a donation to PATH, and not just because they gave me a free ticket to watch the taping of CNN heroes! I think PATH is doing a fantastic job of helping homelessness, not just in Los Angeles but their model is being used by other cities. I know it must be effective when I ask street people if they know about PATH and they do!

The need for the food banks for Thanksgiving is sending a red flag that the amount of homelessness is about to increase. With economic times hard, and lots of homes in forclosure, its not surprising. Los Angeles has a HUGE problem with homelessness, and its about to get worse.

Obama said he would have a zero tolerance for homeless veterans. Taking them off the street and out of the shelters would really help eliminate some of the strains on the shelters. But of course, we need to do more.

I donate money to homeless organizations, and give out fleece blankets and toiletry kits to homeless who solitct funds on the street, and buy meals and gift cards when I see street people outside restaurants I'm going to eat at, and I try to make eye contact and say hi and treat them like they are human and deserving of grace. Sometimes, that helps them the most.

Schools in Africa

I helped support a friend-of-a-friend who are supporting a school in Africa - They are trying to raise enough money for a school in Mozambique. I like supporting people who do things, because it encourages them.

I also found out that my blog is on How flattering. I guess I should try to be more creative in my writing.

Tomorrow. Today I need to go work on a book chapter and science paper for my 'real job'.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Local Food Banking

I helped pack 1220 boxes of food for Thanksgiving yesterday. The event was at the Los Angeles arboretum and the food goes to local families through a local charity - Foothills Unity Center. The food will be distributed next week. I went with some Obama supporters, we have done it a few times before and decided to keep doing it as part of Obama's service. Its a lot of fun. The number of boxes needed this year is a lot more than last, last year we only did ~800.

Last night I went to the taping of CNN's heroes at the Kodak theatre. I got a complimentary ticket thanks to 'People Assisting the Homeless - PATH'. It was a great event, I enjoyed seeing all the stars (John Legend played!). The show will be airing next Thursday at 9pm on CNN.

Friday, November 21, 2008


I just bought a limited edition Wall Blank Art for Kiva (all proceeds go to Kiva loans) .

Thanks for leaving me a comment and telling me about it Jenn.

I have been busy writing a chapter for a book (on behavioral genetics) .

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Education Generation

I got facebook notification that there were loans needed filling by December for Education Generation, so I made two. Education Generation is a new non-profit that allows people to directly sponsor students in developing countries ($20 at a time). The students are very poor and would not get the chance to go without help. And helping one family member helps the entire family eventually, so this program can really do a lot of good for eliminating poverty in the world.

So if you think education is a good idea, and you happen to have $20 to spare, please stop by Education Generation and sponsor a few kids. And tell all your friends.

I sponsored Brian Orchien in Kenya, and Jawad Mushtaq in Pakistan today.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kiva loan

I made a loan today to the Felicia Candelario Group in Yamasa, Dominican Republic. Felicia sums it up wonderfully when she says she "hopes this new venture will be successful and will help her change her life and her children's."

Kiva has a lot of loans now. I am going to a Kiva campus meeting tomorrow at UCLA. Have no idea what its about but am hoping to get help with the Agent of Change event in LA in July. Hopefully we can pull something together with enough time.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Riding to Cure Cancer

I sponsored a friend today who is riding to cure cancer, from Montreal to Quebec City.

I've been busy working on an NIH grant proposal to find genes for epilepsy, and in getting Obama elected. After 22 months of active campaigning, its hard to believe its over and we won. There is still an awful lot of work to do though, and the president-elect is already asking for our input. And I asked for tickets to the swearing in ceremony so I can have a good party!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Obama campaign & Kiva

Donated to the Obama campaign, possibly for the last time. I also made a loan to Felicia Pacari Arcaya in Condurri, El Collao, Puno, Peru 'cause I really liked her hat.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Kiva Credit

Kiva had 448 loans! So I figured it was ok to use up all my credit. I made the following loans:


Loan - Avancemos Juntas Group

Loan - Julia Yamileth Silva Márquez

Loan - Rosas Blancas Group

Loan - Flor De Amancay Group

Loan - Elena

Loan - Beatriz Gutierrez Llanos

Loan - Tekojoja Group

Loan - Julia Rosa

Loan - Delia

Loan - Pharmacy, clothes, bamboo weaving, noodles, fertilizer, and construction materials Group

Loan - Irania Del Socorro Mondragón Larios

Loan - Donilia Martinez Treminio

Loan - Casta María Espinoza

Loan - Elizabeth Karina Potocarrero Gonsalez

Loan - Elena Marisol Lozano Moreno

Loan - Mujeres Unidas Group

Loan - San Miguel Group

Loan - Meak Sarom

Loan - Adjowa Dangbui

Loan - Loeny So Viet

Loan - Vusale Abilova

Loan - La Union Hace la Fuerzas Group

Loan - Gloria Vega Barrera

Loan - Maria Candelaria Martinez Puente

Loan - Maria Del Refugio Hernandez De La Rosa

Loan - Luisa Garcia Hernandez

Loan - Carmen Atencio De Choque

Loan - Lucia Almada