Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kiva loans

I was asked by a group on facebook to make a kiva loan to a widow from El Salvador with a grocery store.  I made 2 other loans to microlenders I hadn't lent to yet.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Respect and Dignity

I had a conversation with a homeless man today.  He was sitting outside a book store and said hi to me so I stopped and chatted with him when I came out. Just about what I was doing and small talk stuff. Nothing about him being homeless or wanting food or money.  Just treated him like he was a person. Which of course he is. But when you're homeless that gets taken away from you.

I've sat with homeless people on a few occasion (sometimes I'll buy food and eat with them). As soon as you are with them, people stop noticing you.  They walk by and advert their eyes. Everyone just happens to be looking the other way. They clutch bags and act afraid.   I can tell they don't see me, I am just getting judged by the company i'm with. I don't get that reaction when I sit alone, lots of people make eye contact.

So today I gave a homeless person some respect and dignity.