Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Made a Kiva loan to a Julia in Columbia.

Julia has a small workshop located in the southwestern area of the city, where she makes cloth handbags, straps, cosmetic bags, small wallets, and sports caps. She learned the trade from her sister, who is also in this line of work.
Julia sells directly to her customers, who are coworkers, neighbors, and people referred to her by these buyers. She makes her purchases in cash at establishments specializing in sewing supplies and charges her customers 50% cash and 50% credit. She works Monday through Sunday in the afternoons, since she also generates income as a housekeeper.
She currently wants to increase her amount of products and, in order to do so, she needs a semi-industrial flat sewing machine, which will allow her to obtain a better finishing on her products. She will also purchase raw materials and supplies. She will buy fabric, accessories such as sliding buckles, thread, and buttons. Her investment will allow her to increase her sales volume and obtain better income, which is precisely her goal for this Kiva loan.