Friday, December 28, 2007

Catching up

A few things happened over the last few days. I got my name on the front page of our local paper - above the fold. It was my 4th interview for Obama. Its been a long primary....
The paper also made the Obama blog. That was fun.We've been working on the Kiva office in second life in the non profit commons. I blogged about it here. The opening party will be next Saturday, Jan 5th 10:30 - 12 pacific time.

I organized my charities for tax purposes. I also went through and made sure I donated to everyone I wanted to this year, and wrote checks to several charities including Accion, PATH, skeptic society and planned parenthood.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness

Someone posted on an Obama list about an older couple with many cats and dogs who aren't doing so well in Iowa. So I asked for their address and send them some animal food, and then sent them some cheese and beef stuff from Hickory Farms. (all purchases made through igive so Kiva gets money). I hope it makes their lives a little easier.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Kiva anniversary to me

Today is my one year Kiva anniversary. One year ago today I found Kiva. My how my life has changed!
I spent hours today organizing our new Kiva in SL office in the Non profit Commons. We're going to have our party Jan 5th 10:30-12 sl time. All are invited . There will be door prizes. Now I have to plan my first party!

In honor or my anniversary I made 3 loans - two have Julia's in them. The Julian Amuge's Group in Uganda is part of a new MFI (new to Kiva). The Julia Ramos Ayme's Group in Ayacucho, Peru. They will invest the money in cinnamon, mushrooms, cloves, noodles, milk, rice, sugar and sodas, as well as wool, dyes and threads. All of these woman have a dream that their children will receive a good education and become professionals, that their businesses continue to grow, and that they will have happy family lives.

I also made a loan to Flor del Lago Panajachel Group in Guatemala. I just love helping those large groups. Me and piles of my kivafriends!

I made a loan to Kusirikuy Group in Peru a few days ago and forgot to mention it.

Friday, December 21, 2007

kiva, kiva in sl

I made a kiva loan to Efui Essénam Tamakloe in Togo, he wants to get a market stall for a used clothing business, so he can make enough money to finish his education in IT. I hope he succeeds.

Other great news - we got our kiva in second life office today in the non profit commons. I gathered all our displays and am awaiting group membership so I can decorate. And then to plan the opening party...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Running and running and running

So it seems politics can take all your spare time and more. I have been working on doing whatever I can for the Obama campaign and its left me little time for blogging or secondlifeing. There is a fierce URGENCY OF NOW. Everything we do RIGHT NOW really helps, where they won't matter at all in a few months. less than 3 weeks till the first primary (Iowa) and less than 40 days till our primary (Feb 5th). And after that it will be over. Almost all of the delegates will be assigned by Feb 5th. I am actually predicting a landslide, but that's because I see how hard we have been working and how much the Obama campaign is so much more together than any of the other campaigns.

Tonight I am running a phone bank in Monrovia, California and I'll be tabling in Pasadena on Saturday. And in my spare moments I'm doing data coordinating for our CD and processing volunteers.

I did choose a loan for our Kiva Shopping Club, and then made a personal loan to the same place. Its to a OCOSINGUENZAS 3 Group in Mexico; a group loan to various people.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Kiva credit

I had a kiva credit and couldn't resist this loan. Rosa Maria started on her own, ten years ago, with the hope of bettering herself and earning enough to provide for her everyday needs. She wants to buy soft drinks and probably other things for her store.

Rosa Maria Romero Perez is in Leon, Nicaragua and the loan is for 6 months, total of $325. 7 other people helped fund it. Kiva is so cool, we can all come together to help this women

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Food Banking for Obama

I spent 7 hours or so helping distribute food at the Los Angeles arboretum. Our Obama group met there again (and will make it a yearly event).

More pictures on my Obama blog.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Obama and Kiva

Monday I volunteered at the Obama event at Universal CityWalk, I was an usher. It was a lot of fun. Been busy working on the campaign this week, only a few more weeks till the first primary in Iowa.

Made a Kiva loan to Natalia Quispe Quispe in Peru. I was attracted to this loan 'cause of her beautiful weaving, and her business - its by the bus station. I think she can do very well and I'm excited to help.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Verónica Enríquez lives in Guayaquil, Ecuador is on her second Kiva loan - With the help of a Kiva and Mifex loan, Veronica was able to make a small store in the front of her home where she now sells all types fruits. This is my first lender that I can tell is a second Kiva lender. How cool.

Looks like Kiva is swamped. I'll have to post the other loan later.

Monday, December 03, 2007

My 300th kiva loan

Late last night I made my 300th Kiva loan. I think this loan really signifies how much Kiva can change someone's life.

The loan was to Amelia Sánchez in Equador. Amelia runs an eatery where she sells lunches and snacks. She started the business four years ago, and she has one of her sister’s help attending to her clients. She lives in a cane house.
She would like to use part of the funds to buy additional food products such as rice and sugar. She would use the other part of the loan to buy tables and chairs, which would help her provide better accommodations for her customers.

She borrowed $675. For that small amount (to us), she will be able to move her business to the next level, and earn more profit. Without this loan, it might take her years to save this much money. And that's not a good way to do business.

So next time I'm in Ecuador I'm going to look her up.

Changing people's lives with Kiva.

Among the many qualities of the clients of ComUnidad del Tul (term that Friendship Bridge uses to describe a Communal Bank), there is one that is worth emphasizing – the harmony that exists between the two different ethnic groups: Mayas Kachikeles and ladinas (descendents of Europe), that constitute the group. It is remarkable to see women that belong to different cultures work, organize themselves and get along so well. This characteristic particularly stands out when the Board of Directors, which consists of ladina and Maya Kachikel women, work together in a harmonious and effective manner.

The great majority of these women were weavers before receiving their first loan through Friendship Bridge. Many of them helped their mothers embroider huipiles (traditional Guatemalan dresses). However, with the loan they will receive from Kiva, our clients have chosen to change their path toward a more prosperous one.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


"tout le monde savait qu'on ne pouvait pas le faire. Un jour quelqu'un est venu, et il ne le savait pas. Alors, il l'a fait..."

Saturday, December 01, 2007

group loans in kiva

There seems to be more, large group loans on Kiva. I lent to one today - Trinity Women's Lending Group is asking for over $3800, but each business will only get a portion of it.