Friday, October 31, 2008

Phone Card for GIs through USO

I bought a phone card today through USO for a GI to call home. Supporting the troops.

Obama, Kiva, Life

Only 4 more days left of the longest campaign ever. Or at least the longest I've been involved with. This is actually the first political campaign I have been so active in. And I attended my first meeting 3 days after he announced he was running, and have been working every spare hour I have since. Twenty months. What a long, strange trip its been.

I remember, at the beginning, I had also just started doing work for Kiva and used to dream that I was trying to get Obama elected president of Kiva. At the time, Obama was a long shot, and Kiva was new and untested, but I had faith that both were good ideas.

Speaking of Kiva, my Kiva video "What does $25 Mean to You"? will be on PBS on a show called "With Purpose:Going from Success to Significance in Work and Life". They found it on youtube and asked to use it. I'm quite flattered, its the first or second video I ever made.

I made a loan today to


for his salon in Bekaa, Lebanon.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

More loans, still sick

Made a few Kiva loans, still trying to use all the credits. Sorry for the brevity..

Loan - Nikolina Surla

Loan - Rabia Ashfaq Group

Loan - Nancy Chavez Garcia

Loan - Olena Haratidze

Loan - Maria Isabel Gomez Flores

Loan - Nhor So

Loan - Nancy La Cerna De Huamachumo

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I've been sick, but made a few kiva loans today.

I'll make this prettier later!
Loan - Dilorom Abduazizova $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Mavluda Makhmudova $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Sam Sokrath $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Bushra M.mushtaq $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Sothavy Thorn Group $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Liceth Torres Guevara $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Socheat Im $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Oksana Burkovskaya $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Nataliya Repnaya $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Yolanda Aragon Villalta $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Rahbarjon Atoeva $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Valentina Tsybulko $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Nelly $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Tarcila $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Zainab $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Miza Abdalla $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Hussein $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Oswaldo Quispe Mamani $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Carmen Canto Castro $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Olga Quispe Quispe $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Rabia M.sohail Akhtar Group $25.00 1 $25.00
Loan - Magdalena Pongo Vilcahuaman $25.00 1 $25.00
Kiva Donation $55.00 1 $55.00

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I ordered some popcorn to help a friend's son's cub scout group. I got a variety pack that I'll give to a friend, and send off a package to the military. It was a great option.

Kiva loans and Obama

I've been donating and calling for Obama. Its been a long, strange trip, but it looks like its working.

I made a few Kiva loans today to use up credit. Still have a bit more to go. Been real busy lately...

Monday, October 06, 2008


Someone just told me that it is a 'blog action day' and bloggers are encouraged to blog about poverty. I didn't realize there was a 'blog action day'. I also don't really consider myself a blogger, even though I have several blogs that I post to regularly. This blog, for example, is more of a collection of what I did that was 'good' so I can keep track and remind myself to keep doing it. It in no way reflects that fact that I spend most of my days writing (as an academic). In fact one of my friends actually asked me if this really was my blog, because it was so poorly written. And I do apologize for that. I do not spend a lot of time constructing my words. I decided when I started this that I was not going to do that, it would impede my ability and desires to post daily and maintain my philanthropic actions. The pictures, links, and short content I do is time consuming enough.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

kiva loans

I made a few kiva loans today too, still have lots of credit to use up but they are still running out of loans. What a great thing!

Rahib Allahverdiyev ,Clothing Sales, Azerbaijan, Emin Imanov ,Clothing Sales, Azerbaijan, Danilo José Pérez , Spare Parts, Nicaragua, Cristo Rey Group Retail, Paraguay, Nuth Kimny Grocery Store, Cambodia, Nazira Sodikjonova, Clothing Sales, Tajikistan, Tran Thi Oanh Agriculture, Viet Nam, Pham Thi Thuy , Fruits & Vegetables, Viet Nam, Angel from Bolivia, and 3 more.