Sunday, September 24, 2017

Kiva's new FATEN educational program.

Ieman, who appears in the photo, is a 22-year-old single girl living with her family in a village near Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine. She is studying hard at a local college to become physiotherapist
This loan is part of FATEN's new education program, designed to finance school tuition for students whose families have low incomes or work in informal sectors of the economy. Funds can be used for partial or complete payment of expenses related to higher education. By supporting this loan, you're enabling access to education for students with limited options.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Feeding folks on Skid Row

I joined Monday Night Missions today that feeds people on skid row in Los Angeles who doesn't get into shelters. It's a non-religious, non charity bunch of people who go every night during the work week. We met at a place we could make peanut butter and sandwiches together, then went down as a group. The leader is very good about keeping everyone safe and healthy.  The point of the group was to both feed people and acknowledge them, so there was this wonderful greeting ceremony where we all said hello by name to each person. Such a great experience, I'm going back.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

picking up litter

I regularly pick up litter in my neighbourhood, especially in one area that people go to party.  I have done it all my life, but now since my father's passing I can't seem to pass it without thinking of him and how he picked up so many pounds of trash. He did it for his daily exercise, and really made his community a better place.