Monday, January 31, 2011


I donated to a local high school baseball club on Saturday. They were at the farmers market trying to raise money to play their sport.
Way better use of their time than drugs or gangs.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kiva loans

I made 4 kiva loans today, chosen from the ones needing the most funding. Since there were no Julia's.
I made a loan to Rafel Barrios in Costa Rica for his karokee bar.
And to Luz Rojas in Costa rica for a sewing machine.

I also made a loan to an anonymous man in Lebanon and Charles Schelhouse in the USA.

Snacks for Vets

I brought some snacks to the volunteer office at the Veterans Hospital yesterday. The regular - noodles in cups. They give them out to vets who come in for appointments and don't have any food. In the past they would sometimes steal from the PX and end up in jail, several a year.
I've been supplying snacks for the last couple of years, about $20/month worth and it was just mentioned that no one's gone to jail since. I think its really good return for my money!