Thursday, October 02, 2014

Mexican CHEESE Farmer from Kiva

Made a Kiva loan

Elias is a small Mexican farmer who produces and sells cheese for a living. He decided to purchase a 120-cubic-meter Sistema Biobolsa biodigester in order to reduce the high energy costs, which were threatening the existence of the business itself. 
By purchasing the biodigester, he will not have to externally buy the expensive propane needed for cooling and other purposes anymore. He will be able to fully integrate biogas production in the natural cycle of his business. By using the Sistema Biobolsa waste-to-energy solution, Elias will take full advantage of the large quantities of manure his animals produce every day. The biodigester is a strategic acquisition for Elias and will allow his cheese producing activity to flourish. 
This loan represents 22% of the total cost of the Sistema Biobolsa biodigester.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Kiva to Iraq

Made a Kiva loan to Iraq.

Shaima, a 38 year old mother of four, is an attorney and civil-society activist with twelve years of professional experience. She has participated in many activities with local NGOs and international agencies, and works in a clinic that provides legal aid for women survivors of domestic violence.

Shaima identified an entrepreneurial opportunity when she noticed a lack of sufficient hotel options to accommodate the increase of tourists in her Iraqi hometown. Although the tourism market in Shaima’s conservative community is generally run by men, she bravely penetrated this male-dominated business world and opened a small motel in June 2013. Her self-confidence and her family’s support were key elements in making this decision. Shaima’s business has improved her family’s economic situation and, in turn, their quality of life. Moreover, her business has created job opportunities for five community members. Shaima expects this number to increase as her business flourishes.