Tuesday, May 20, 2008

House Construction

I made a loan today to Antony, married to Julia!

Antony Insfran is married to Julia Arguello. The couple lives in Luque with his four sons: Edgar (14), Jonhatan (12), Juan (11) and Luz (9). Since Antony has a big family, he needs to work very hard to feed them and to send his four children to school.

Twenty years ago, Antony started working in construction as a director. Today, he maintains the position. Antony has become a client of Fundacion Paraguaya when he contacted his friends and convinced them to form a committee of entrepreneuring men called “San Miguel”. Because of his punctual repayments in previous loans, Antony is considered a very trustworthy costumer by Fundacion Paraguaya.

Antony’s biggest wish is to finish the construction of his house. That is why he is requesting the credit.

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