Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Southern Poverty Law Center

I made my yearly donation to the Southern Poverty Law Center today. They send me vial, horrible stuff that makes me ill when I read it. They fight hatred and bigotry in this country, so their newsletters are full of the stories they helped, and the horrible people they expose. I think if I was to define evil it would be the hatred one can feel towards a fellow human. For whatever reason. Usually its because of looks or ethnic group or religious beliefs. Nothing substantial. The hatred is unfounded and a symptom of the person, not the hated group.

Injustice makes me very sad, and is one of the driving forces that inspires me to change things in the world. The Southern Poverty Law Center is one of the best non-profits against injustice, and does incredible work. Check them out. Learn how much we have to change in the USA.


Michael Tuggle said...

You've been had.

The SPLC works to ensure globalist corporations a steady supply of cheap, exploitable labor -- while making a ton of money for themselves in the meantime.


I suppose your next move will be to take up a collection for Donald Trump. He also uses noble language to justify his millions.

Julia said...

I am really surprised someone like you reads my blog. I can't imagine what you're getting out if it if you actually believe that people can be had.

I read the article and didn't learn anything new or of interest to me supporting the organization. I also looked at other articles on the website and was wishing we lived in a world where people were more educated and less afraid of things they don't understand.

Don't worry about my next move. My life is pretty fantastic and fun and I am experiencing life it its fullest. I spend most of my days incredibly happy and loved. I hope your life is blessed also.