Tuesday, September 22, 2009

kiva, honduras

I made a loan today to Honduras. Things are happening in that country - my colleague can't go home because the airport is closed.

CRISMA is a very united group made up of two men and a woman. Details of each of their activities are set out below:

SANTOS DAVID GARCIA JUAREZ: his main activity is selling various things. His business operates under the name "Variedades MELISSA" and is located on the main street of Villa Santa, a very strategic location for this type of business. He is married with 2 children, whom he provides with everything for food, clothing, medical and educational expenses. His wife is a nurse and lends her services to a health centre in a community near Villa Santa. In his business, he has a great variety of materials for students, gifts for every occasion, body creams and American clothes. The income the business generates covers home expenses.

MARIA ONDINA AMADOR RODRIGUEZ: she has worked selling sweets for 7 years. Previously she spent all her time selling from a room in her house but for the past 3 years she has been selling the sweets in a cafeteria in the Villa Santa college where she receives more income. She now sells from the college during working hours and when the school period finishes, she continues selling from a room in her house in the evening. Her clients prefer her for the attention she offers and the taste of her products. She is married with 4 children. She decided to work in the business because their financial situation was difficult and since starting their living conditions have improved. She works with her husband to cover certain household costs and has been able to support one daughter to graduate from secondary school. Her husband works in agriculture and their daughter helps with the business.

JOSE CECILIO SANCHEZ ZUNIGA: he is 23 years old and works repairing electrical appliances, refridgerators and electric motors. He is married and has two children. Jose began working from an early age as he found academic work difficult and only passed the 2nd grade of primary education. He works hard because he doesn't want the same thing to happen to his children, so he makes an effort so that they will graduate.

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