Monday, November 30, 2009

A micro loan to Costa Rica

I am still out of the country, but made a quick loan online to Julián Apolinar González González in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Don Julian is a farmer and is requesting a loan of 670,000 colones to increase his crop yield and prepare his land for planting. He will purchase seeds, fertilizers, and other supplies necessary to ensure optimum conditions for growing cassava. Cassava a tuber that is rich in nutrients and has a pleasant flavor and is popular in Costa Rica. I wonder if its available in the USA?
670,000 colones is about $1200 US. So far he has 6 Kiva lenders helping him (including myself); 4 from the USA, 1 from France, and 1 from the Czech Republic. I'm sure more people from around the world will be joining us in this loan to help this farmer from Costa Rica. Its wonderful to be part of such a caring global community.

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