Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not wasting food.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to embark upon a personal quest to not waste any food. I was reading statistics about how 40% of our food gets wasted in this country, and realizing that I was also purchasing more than I needed and wasting a lot.

So I started eating up all of the food that I have. That has lead me to try new things. I am currently enjoying Cilantro pesto, I had bought 4 bunches for 99 cents (at the 99 cent only store) and only used a few leaves on tacos. So I turned it into pesto by adding oil, garlic, lime and green onion.


Carennedy said...

I love your blog and your commitment to change the world. I am writing a post about your blog with links to it on mine. Hopefully it will bring you traffic and inspire others to make a difference too. Thanks for doing so much for others.

Julia said...

Thank you. Glad to be inspirational.