Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Kiva Loan

Made a kiva loan today.

Geoconda Vera is an active member of the communal bank "El Pedregal," located in the Picoaza parish in the city of Portoviejo in ManabĂ­ province.

Geoconda has been married for 14 years; she is a housewife but also has a business selling colas (soft drinks) and juices along with her husband. They have had this business for 10 years. She tells us that her children are still small and they have to work hard to advance their family economically. They deliver their products wholesale to the stores in some places in Portoviejo and they run the business through orders. Two times a week they go to visit their customers in their own car, taking orders and then later delivering them.

With this new loan Geoconda will buy more crates of colas and juices; she comments that in order for her business to grow she must the entire loan that the Foundation gives them.

Geoconda's dream is to be able to be able to finish her house, which still needs some work done on it.

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