Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Kiva loan to Julia

Made a loan to Julia in Nicaragua today.
Julia Mercedes Funes sells general merchandise from her stall in the Estación market in the mornings, and in the evening she moves between selling in the La Terminal market and the El Central market.

She will use this loan to buy various products such as: underwear, slippers, soap, bleach, blouses, etc.


Amanda Krzywonski said...

hello! I was just dropping in to tell you that your blog is so inspiring for people to give to others. I donate frequently and each time I do it gives me this great feeling to know that someone's day was brightened with a blessing from God that we helped give. I love your blog and keep on giving to others and posting these beautiful blog entries. People don't always understand that there are people in this world that don't even have the basic necessities that we take for granted such as underwear, shoes, or even clean water and food. God bless you! Great blog.

Ervin Ang said...

Very catchy blog title! I love how you want to change the world with small acts :)