Monday, May 23, 2011

I made a donation today to the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA. They do a great job. I am also going to drop by some of my fleece blankets for the 100+ cats they are taking care of from a hoader. They can't find them homes just yet (legal reasons I think).


TheLadyPaintr said...

I love a blog that is titled how I changed the world today!
The title alone stands out for living in the solution rather than the problem. We all have so much to offer others who are less fortunate. Sometimes we have no idea how the tiniest action towards helping others/the solution can impact an entire existence. I have had days where all I encountered were non stop obstacles. And then that kind word or smile from a stranger changed the course of my day. I don't believe in boasting about good deeds, so I won't list the things that I have done to try and change the world. I will say though that all these seemingly tiny actions propell me forward, and give me the satisfaction that I am contributing to the good in the world. For me it's a spiritual thing, and a way of life that fosters opportunities for more good to come into my life, further feeding my ability to help others!!
Thanks for this blog. It was the gentle affirmation that I needed today.
TheLadyPaintr- Laura Schrader

Julia said...

Thanks for the comment. It helped my day, and inspired me. I haven't been blogging much, things have been a bit rough, but you've inspired me.