Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kiva loan to Tajikistan

I've been looking at Kiva's new statistic page (for your own loans) and have decided to fill as many of the categories as possible.

   So far I have all 15 sectors.
 I have 65/73 countries - I've been checking for a while to try to find a loan in the ones I haven't loaned to.

I have 120/149 activities and
151/230 partners.

Went searching and it took a while till I found a loan in an activity and with a partner on my list.

The loan is in Tajikistan,

Muhabbat is a woman of middle age. She was born and raised in the town of Isfara. She got married at an early age. But she and her husband did not live together for long since their characters did not agree and after the birth of their child they decided to separate. She was tired of the endless quarrels. Muhabbat left him, and began life on her own. At the beginning, it was very hard for her with a little one to care for. But later she found herself work. Now, she buys and sells dried fruits in the local markets. And at night she sews national dresses.

After she bought a new apartment, Muhabbat renovated it and now with the approaching winter she wants to put up plastic doors and windows. Muhabbat decided to turn to the organization Arvand for material support, since she did not have sufficient funds. With the loan received, Muhabbat wants to buy windows and doors and to install them in her home. She thanks Arvand in advance for the help and support.

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