Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kiva of course

Made a loan to Promejoramiento Group in San jose Chacaya, Guatemala, found it by searching 'julia'. I love the write up.

They unanimously made a point of mentioning how thankful they are of the possibility of receiving these “very helpful” loans that allow their microenterprises to “go very well,” as Maria Ramirez Ajcabul expressed. She went on to say that they feel a sense of empowerment when receiving the funds, a kind of responsibility to do something bigger than ever before with it, and prove to their group and, most importantly, their family, that they can pay back the money. They unanimously agreed as well that it was relatively easy to pay back the money. In addition, they all enjoy meeting with their communal bank, which not only allows them to support each other mutually in repaying loans, but provides a few fun social hours every month.

“Without this money, it is impossible to overcome,” stated Natalia Tay. She mentioned the barriers of the cycles of steady profits and expenses, but the drowning and constant increases in costs of living that keep their businesses at such a minimal size. Reliable microloans allow them to overcome these barriers.

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