Wednesday, August 27, 2008

changing the world by searching

I set up the igive search bar on my firefox browser and have been raising money by using their search. The money is going to kiva loans (in the kivashop group) and will be constantly re-lent. Its a good way to change the world.

Made a loan to Julia Justina Ponce in Managua, Nicaragua.

Mrs Julia Ponce is a 51 year old woman living in barrio 380 in Managua. She is divorced, with a 19 year old daughter and a 7 year old son. The children's father provides support for them. She has a small store in a room in her home, which she began 7 years ago by selling ice and ice cream. She used her last loan to improve her home, and she will use this loan to improve her business. With the money that she is requesting she plans to purchase basic grains and cleaning products to stock her business and to meet the needs of her customers in the neighborhood. This is a very poor neighborhood, and people purchase their daily needs in the small stores. For this reason,Juila must keep her store stocked with products so that her customers do not lose faith in her.

I've been donating to the Obama campaign and watching his nomination with glee. Many, many months of hard work paying off.

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