Tuesday, April 07, 2009

kiva and grant writing

My grant proposal is almost done.

In the mean time I made a loan to Julia Fanola Champi in ANTA, Peru.

Julia Fanola Champi lives in an agricultural area in the Municipality of Anta, about an hour outside of the city of Cusco. She has five children, four of whom are also members of the San Pedro de KataƱiray Village Bank. Julia and some of her children live in a lovely yellow home with two cows painted on the front, a means to alert passers-by of the milk-selling business she runs from her home. Julia has several cows, which usually yield anywhere from ten to fifteen liters of milk per day. She then sells the milk to an intermediary for 80 centimos (~US 26 cents) per liter. The intermediary then takes the milk to the city of Cusco, where it is resold for 1 nuevo sol (~US 30 cents) per liter. Julia is requesting a loan of 3,000 nuevos soles in order to help her sons buy a station wagon to use as a taxi. Her two sons currently share a car, which they take turns driving to and around the city of Cusco. They have some money saved, but need another 3,000 nuevos soles to buy a second car. With two taxis, they can work simultaneously and earn twice as much as they currently do. They will also be able to rent out one of the cars to other drivers as an additional source of income.

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