Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kiva loans to Mexico

I made a loan today to Julián Robledo López in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

The exterior of Julián Robledo’s house is not finished. He does not have the money to buy the material. He will take charge of making the improvement. He does the construction and repairs on his house. Julián is a family man. He has four minor children, and he would like to give them the best.

There is a theory called 'the broken glass' where neighbourhoods have less crime when there is less broken glass and graffiti around. I wonder if this loan to make the house look better will have effects like that.

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earth wise life wise said...

Hi, found your site today, I am in Australia, I love what you are doing but I am confused as to waht a KIVA loan is? I think what you are doing is great and when I saw the title of your blog I was facinated, but when I got in I was unsure of what it is all about and would love to know more. I am creating a website which will encourage peole to take simple steps at home to start to change the world for the better and love seeing other people like you doing their part.