Thursday, August 06, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I have been busy but not posting, Life happens.

I made two loans today, to Julia's.

Julia del Carmen Medina Cáceres is 45. She is a very happy woman. In spite of the difficulties she has gone through, she has always maintained her enthusiastic spirit. This has helped her with her business, a small mini market. She has had the business for over 11 years. Julia has always liked this business because she likes to interact with people. She likes to make progress. That is why she is asking for a loan to invest in her mini market. She will buy candy, crackers, bread, natural soft drinks, and juice.
In the future she wishes to expand her small market and become a distributor who supplies her neighbors.

Did I mention I've been busy working on my small business, and plan to make it more into a wholesale distributor.

The other Julia I loaned to is Julia Herminia in Lima, Peru.

Julia has been working since she was 16 years old. She learned to bake with the woman she used to work for, who baked cakes for a living. When the lady died Julia lost her job, so she started to bake cakes at home. She now sells them to schools and hospitals. She cleans houses on Saturday and Sunday. Julia’s financial resources have increased since she joined Finca. Julia has asked for a loan of 1,200 soles ($425). She will use the money to buy flour, butter and eggs. Her goal is to eventually buy a car to provide school transportation.


Unilove said...

Hi Julia:

Love the website and costumes... I've rented costumes for events and you have a great variety of styles and colors, and with the addition of shoes etc, it is a great one-stop shop - online!

That said: a few typos on the 'restructuring' page:

popular 'pewtar' pendants
so 'intock' items

Best of luck!

Julia said...

Thank you so much for the nice compliments and pointing out the typos. I've been working long hours to pay the mortgage (husband has been out of work for months, and I'm only at 50% salary but 100% work). Times are hard for everyone so I'm not complaining, just grateful I have the ability to make money in my garage!
Thanks again.

Karen said...

Hi Julia,

I'm a reporter, and I'm doing a story on Education Generation, which you recently blogged about. Can you contact me? Thanks!


Julia said...

Sure Karen, I would love to contact you and discuss education generation. How do I get a hold of you? Please email me at