Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kiva and Health Care Reform

I went to my town hall last night to stand up for Health Care Reform. We have major issues in the US with people not being insured or being under insured. I met some great people and had a grand time. But it was sad to see some ugliness, people shouting that it was 'their money and no one else should have it'. One guy kept telling everyone that he gave away more money than they made in a year. I found this particularly obnoxious because he had no idea who he was yelling to, he just assumed he was richer than everyone. I've never seen competitive philanthropy before, so it was a bit strange. But, it looks like the regular folks outnumbered the mean people, and we will get reform.

I have been to enough countries to be ashamed of living in the richest country in the world that treats its citizens so poorly, we have vets living under bridges and children sleeping on the streets. And many, many people go hungry. Just so some people can 'keep their money'.

I also made a Kiva loan today to Juliana Duran Arauz in Nicaragua. She wants housing.

I am off to Canada for a few days, not sure I"ll be posting. But I'll be trying to make the world better if I can.

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