Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kiva loan and trees

Renewed my membership in the local arboretum. Its good to support trees. I like tree people too.
Also made a Kiva loan to Ana Julia Aragón de Castillo.
Ana Julia Aragón de Castillo, 57 years old, lives with her life partner and their children in the department of Santa Ana. She has a store in her home that is much-frequented by the people in her neighborhood because they always find what they need for any occasion. Every day her clientele increases and she doesn't want to disappoint them. She decided to ask INTEGRAL for a loan that will give her the opportunity to buy more products for her store like drinks, snacks, instant soups and basic grains, among other things. Ana is a woman who meets her goals, and she always tells herself "what I propose to myself, with the help of God, I accomplish". She has placed total confidence in the fact that through this loan she will achieve another goal, that of giving her family the full life that they deserve.

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