Monday, April 04, 2011

Loan to Julia

Made a loan to Julia.

Julia is 45 years old and lives in her own house with her husband Enrique, who is 54 years old and a farmer, and her last daughter of the five children they have. The rest are older and live independently.

Since she was young, she has worked in agriculture and she currently grows potatoes, peas, and gladiolus flowers with her husband. She says that farm work is tedious, because it is a constant watch on each plant so that a plague of insects doesn't harm their crops. Julia knows that if given proper care and fertilizer, you can expect a good harvest. Additionally, the experience she has with planting has allowed to her to learn the necessary techniques for harvesting the entire crop without problems. She likes her work very much because she gets to work with her husband and together they work to plant and later sell everything to wholesale merchants in the city. The sales give them a regular income that allow them to live comfortably with their daughter.

Since she is a very hard-working woman, she plans to increase her gladiolus flower and pea production since the prices of those items are very good at the market. This is her third loan with MFP and she is very thankful to all the people who made the loan possible, since it will allow her to continue working. She also knows the members of her community bank very well and knows that they are responsible. Julia plans to invest this loan in the purchase of gladiolus and pea seeds to begin to increase her production.

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