Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Loans to Julia's.

I made a kiva loan to Juana Julia, who is a member of the Communal Bank “La Positiva” (The Positive) which is in the District of Calleria, Department of Ucayali in Peru. She is 65 years old and has four children.

I also made a loan to Julia in Nicaragua. Julia Xiomara is 31 years old, she works selling general merchandise. She began with her own funds, and with the advice of her co-workers started getting loans through employees of certain institutions. In this way she began to get her own clients. She accepts payment every other week, which is much more favorable for her customers. The funding that she is currently seeking is to buy nail polish, lipstick, vanity items and underwear.

I loan to Julia's because I like the name. I find everyone on Kiva to be worthy, and I have to sort some way. So I look for Julia's. Or people in Honduras because I am trying to help Honduras too. But I also lend to every country and sometimes even just randomly select.