Friday, July 12, 2013

Helping a student in Ghana through Education Generation

Just made a contribution towards the education of a student in Ghana who wants to study statistics. Education Generation is a great non-profit that helps remarkable students get education that usually isn't available to them.  The amount they need isn't that large, and they make a significant contribution back to the world. Great return on Investment.

Ashimatu is a twenty-two year old student of the Tamale Polytechnic. She is doing a Diploma course in Statistics and hopes to be a planner in the near future.
She and her family have always relied on whatever comes out of her fathers’ farming for sustenance. Her father is now too old to engage in any meaningful farming and her mother is a housewife.
Ashimatu and her twelve siblings have had to face life on their own for some time now and their education has suffered a huge blow.
Ashimatu is fortunate to have come this far and it is only your support that can ensure that she successfully completes the Polytechnic.

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