Thursday, July 11, 2013


I got one of the nicest 'thank you' letters of my life. Its from a friend, actually a daughter of a friend who I have known since her birth. She is now going off to college. She wrote:

 "I would like to thank you without question and express incredible gratitude to you. It is because of you that I have kept the same career path in mind since I was 9 years old. You are an incredible person, brilliant beyond words and you deserve and award for making a lasting impression like this on a 9 year old ... I would probably be so lost if it wasn't for you! Thank you. Love forever"

What a wonderful letter.
I took her to my work for the 'bring your daughter to work' day and it made quite the impression apparently. She's going off to study for a great career, and will be making the world a better place.

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