Friday, February 21, 2014

Kiva in the USA

Made a Kiva loan in the USA today, to George.

George was inspired to start S.I.R. George to help families communicate more efficiently with and provide support for children with special needs. Having a daughter with special needs, he not only had the knowledge and experience to help younger parents, but also the empathy and patience for new parents of special needs children. 

George created his business in 2009 and is striving to reach more families in need. While George currently has one volunteer administrative assistant, he hopes to optimize his company’s outreach by having a fully functional website and increased advertising, repairing special communication equipment and eventually supporting a staff of clinicians with the goal of facilitating the creation of a support community of families with special needs.

George hopes to optimize and increase outreach to families with special needs and create personalized care for each child to foster increased conversation between parents and special needs children.

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