Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tourism on Kiva

Made a loan today in the 'Tourism' activity on Kiva.

Nver lives in Dilijan city. He is the only one who makes money in the household. He is married and he has two children. For many years Nver earned his family's living by doing a worker’s job. 

The city where Nver lives is very nice, famous, and a perfect rest zone for tourists and Armenian people as well. Dilijan considers it to have the purest salubrious nature and the most bracing air in the whole region, since here forests are virginal and anyone who comes here just admires it and falls in love with this place. That is why this city has a lot of comfortable and high quality rest houses. 

At one of these sanatoriums Nver works now. He works here as a sanitary engineer, but as he says work in rest houses is seasonal and in autumn and winter, tourists are very few, so his family income becomes low as well. Nver owns a nice cute farm, where he breeds two cows and a calf, and he manages to sell a lot of milk right from his house. 

Now Nver has a good, profitable idea and he needs some help to realize it; he has a big garage near his house and on the bottom of it he wants to build a small guestroom which he plans to rent to tourists during summer. He asks for a loan in an amount of 1,000,000 Armenian drams in order to manage to start building his small guestroom.

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