Monday, August 18, 2014

Alley cat allies

I am proud to support Alley Cat Allies, a great group trying to make life better for our feral cats.

Their programs are working. Cats lives are improving.

 Love kitties. Wish they could all be healthy and happy.

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Julia said...

An anonymous internet troll left a comment on this post about the validity of Alley Cat Allies. I am not going to publish the comment because it was so poorly written and I am tired of seeing grade school English on the internet from adults.

I was able to decipher what they were concerned about and it was the charity reviews by the BBBwise giving alliance. You can see it here.

They did not score them well, but I critically evaluated what they lost points on and decided it was bureaucratic reporting crap I probably wouldn't care about if I were running a non-profit. I then looked up other charities I support, like KIVA, and it appears they have no rating because they never responded to this review company.
It's an interesting site and it does provide some information about non-profits and does allow one to decide for themselves if they want to donate. I personally saw nothing that raised flags for me and will continue to be a supporter of Alley Cat Allies.
Anonymous troll, you have done what you wanted, I checked out the site. Please go away and don't send me anymore illiterate messages.