Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Feeding refugees.

Made a donation to


today.  They are feeding refugees.

The name Philoxenia derives from an ancient Greek term referring to the duty of kindness and hospitality shown to guests, foreigners or strangers, and embodies the true generosity of human spirit. We are team Philoxenia, and our mission is to embrace and share this spirit among the growing population of asylum seekers in Europe. We provide hot meals, comfortable spaces and open arms in
stressful environments. We work to provide positive support and inspire a sense of humanity and solidarity that people can carry with them throughout their onward journey.

In 2015, vast numbers of ordinary people have been forced to flee their homes in fear of persecution, violence or death and in search of freedom, justice and dignity. Despite the harsh winter conditions and increased risk of drowning at sea, thousands continue to make the treacherous journey into the EU each day. Government and international aid agencies, though equipped with large scale funding and facilities, are unable to address every need in this volatile environment. We are here to fill the gaps that are left behind. This initiative emerges from the desire to support incoming refugees in some of their daily challenges. We feel that at the end of the day, a simple but warm meal can go a long way. 

Our goal is to provide a warm meal to 1000 people a day. That means, during our first year of operation, we will provide around 356,000 warm meals to asylum seekers throughout the EU. 

Thank you for being kind, the world is so much better because of it.

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