Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kiva loan to Huda in the Gaza strip

Huda, who appears in the photo, is a 30-year-old single girl who lives with her family in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip. 

She is studying at a local university to get her masters degree in business administration. She studies hard so she can graduate and find a good job in her field. 

Her big sister is the responsible for her expenses, but she works in the public sector where she earns a low income that is barely enough to cover the basics. 

Huda needs a laptop for her study and she doesn't have enough money for it. For this reason, she went to Palestine for Credit and Development (FATEN) to request a US dollar loan to buy laptop for her study, to do research and homework. 

This will help her excel in her university studies and get her MBA faster. 

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