Monday, November 12, 2007

kiva loans

Olimapeta Leilani Kamis. She just finished school and is staying home to look after her baby. She thinks that it is better for her to develop a small business at home to not only use her time but to earn money to help support her family. She applies for the amount of $300USD and will use the money to buy all the ingredients needed for the business, such as the flour, dripping and a new big frying pan.

Rose Kawala lives in the rural village of Nansana on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda. She has a tailoring business. During the day she has a sewing machine set on the concrete entrance to Debby’s Salon, located on the busy highway .

Robinah. She and her husband have the Fairy Star Electrical Center. They are an electrical retailer and wholesaler. They provide electrical wire, switches, panel boxes for electricians, and light bulbs such as energy-saving fluorescents for homeowners.

Unknown identity - person from Iraq who wants to buy a sewing machine and fabric to make clothes.

Sorry for the cut and paste, trying to catch up quick. Still trying to heal and be off the computer.

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