Monday, November 19, 2007

latest kiva loans

I've been repaid on a few loans and had some Kiva credit. I had time to make loans but not blog about them.

Rose Kawala
wants to buy a new sewing maching to start a sewing school to give girls a trade. She lives in Nansana, Uganda.
The Wofunira Development Association Group is also in Uganda and I'm helping Robinah. She and her husband have the Fairy Star Electrical Center. They are an electrical retailer and wholesaler. They provide electrical wire, switches, panel boxes for electricians, and light bulbs such as energy-saving fluorescents for homeowners.

Elvira has a beauty shop in Managua, the capitol of Nicaragua. You can just tell by the way everything is so perfectly lined up that she runs a great shop.

Matilde Idme Jara is an artisan in Juliaca, Peru and wants to expand her stall.

I have a few more to catch up on posting, but I have to run.

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