Thursday, November 15, 2007

Patriotic Guard Riders

The Patriotic Guard Riders are a national organization of people who honor our fallen soldiers. The are mostly motocycle riders throughout the country who have banded together, to counter the protesters at our soldiers funerals. There is a group of crazy people (all in a big family calling themselves a church) who protest soliders funerals because they are homophobic. It doesn't make sense, but its appalling to think that they hold signs that say horrible things like 'thank god for dead soldiers' and the grieving families have to deal with them.

So the Patriot Guard was formed to make sure each soldier who returns home can be buried with dignity. I really support what they are doing and its great how organized they have become from grassroots. The photo gallery on their site is very moving. Really shows the true cost of the war.

It was great - I sent the link to the site to a biker friend of mine asking if he'd heard of them and he told me his dad was a local captain! They are very organized.

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joe cornwell said...

My name is joseph R. Cornwell. I just came back from Walter reed army medical center and was in toal Awe at what I seen. i told my wife about this and we would like to come back and bring some goodie bags ( toothbrushes paste shampoo ECT.) what do we have to do and who should we contact about this? thank you