Tuesday, April 29, 2008

cheesemaking in Peru

This loan jumped out at me, it was first on the list but I had to get in on it. Cheese making in Peru.

The little village of Santa Rosa is a true Eden for agriculture and cattle production and Juanita’s family improves their lives and gets the greatest benefits possible from mother nature. In the company of her beloved husband she works in agriculture, cattle production, and cheese production, which is her latest economic activity thanks to the milk that her sweet calves produce. Her performance of these noble activities allows her to offer security, well-being and education to her 7 dear children, who are the motor that pushes her to move forward. While Santiago takes care of the animals with the help of their children, Juanita works selling the delicious cheeses that she produces with much care and patience for the satisfaction of her clients’ tastes. Now this happy couple would like to buy a calf to expand their milk supply in order to increase the volume of their cheese production.

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catatonic said...

This cheese, which Peruvian families produce in large blocks and sell in local markets, is absolutely delicious. I miss it. When I was staying in Ollantaytambo, along the way to Machu Picchu, I met a young man who was working in his Uncle's cafe to try and get up the money to continue his studies in Europe. His ultimate dream is to consolidate agricultural production in the area, and start up an export business for their local produce. There are a lot of challenges to conquer but it's a fairly urgent matter for Peruvians to hold onto some semblance of economic viability.

So first off, small world 'eh! =) I hardly dared dream that blogging would lead me to find someone who is also interested in this particularly niche subject. And second, these loans are a wonderful thing you're doing and I know they'll have a huge impact on these people's lives.