Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kiva loan

I made a loan today to the Felicia Candelario Group in Yamasa, Dominican Republic. Felicia sums it up wonderfully when she says she "hopes this new venture will be successful and will help her change her life and her children's."

Kiva has a lot of loans now. I am going to a Kiva campus meeting tomorrow at UCLA. Have no idea what its about but am hoping to get help with the Agent of Change event in LA in July. Hopefully we can pull something together with enough time.


Amanda said...

Hi Julia

It's probably too late, but what's the Kiva campus meeting at UCLA all about? Is there a Kiva club at UCLA? I'm based in LA and helped create The KivaB4B Project...I'd like to learn more.


Erick B

Julia said...

I'm not sure about what the meeting is about, I think its the first. I found out about it through the facebook group.

I would like to know more about your project too. Could you send me email?