Friday, November 14, 2008

Education Generation

I got facebook notification that there were loans needed filling by December for Education Generation, so I made two. Education Generation is a new non-profit that allows people to directly sponsor students in developing countries ($20 at a time). The students are very poor and would not get the chance to go without help. And helping one family member helps the entire family eventually, so this program can really do a lot of good for eliminating poverty in the world.

So if you think education is a good idea, and you happen to have $20 to spare, please stop by Education Generation and sponsor a few kids. And tell all your friends.

I sponsored Brian Orchien in Kenya, and Jawad Mushtaq in Pakistan today.

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Infinitexpress said...

Went over your blog. What your doing is really awesome, your really impacting the world and giving people opportunities.

Try volunteering and doing some hands on stuff. Free hugs, volunteer services, reading to blind people. You will find a different, more personal, quieter satisfaction and empathy from this kind of assistance to the world, and will impact lives in a more personal way.

Keep on keepin on. Im going to favorite your blog and link it in my blog, heres mine on collective spiritual awakening of the world

if it resonates with you do favorite and link