Friday, May 08, 2009


Today I sponsored a friend in a Cancer Relay for Life Charity event.

I try to sponsor all my friends to encourage them, but today was meaningful because I had a few skin biopsies yesterday and am hoping they come back negative. So I'm sitting here with stitches and band-aids. I am a cancer survivor and have a family history of it and have the pale white skin/red hair risk factor. Cancer is especially meaningful to me.

I have a hunch that a cure for cancer might come from the Canadian Cancer Society. They might sponsor an innovative project with significant results. Feel free to donate through my friends page and we can see...


Candace said...

Your blog is quite an inspiration! I put you in my blogroll--I hope you don't mind.

And I wish you the best of luck with your biopsy results.

Julia said...

I don't mind at all, its quite flattering. I'm still amazed anyone reads my blog, it tends to be so terse 'cause I'm usually so busy and just trying to get it recorded.

I am thrilled that I inspire people.

Candace said...

You manage to do it without sounding like you're bragging, if you know what I mean.

I gave to kiva last night for the first time. I actually first heard of kiva in Bill Clinton's book, Giving, but then when I found your blog and saw you mention it so much, I decided to go for it.

I guess you know that your blog is listed on the 100 Best Blogs for Those Who Want to Change the World, right? You're #8!

I talk about some of the things I do for the greater good on my real blog: http://maccandace.wordpress,com
But I sure don't do it to the extent you do!

The blog that this comment will link to is not my active blog.

Wonderful job, Julia!

Julia said...

Thanks for the kind words on me not sounding like I'm bragging. I must admit, I often do feel like I do this on this blog, just due to the nature of what I write about (I did this, I did that). Its hard to write about things without sounding like that though. But most people I know in real life don't know about this blog, 'cause I don't like to overwhelm people with all I do. I do a lot of non-world saving things too. I kinda live at a different pace.

Julia said...

And I did know my blog was listed. Very flattering. Makes me want to write more....