Saturday, May 09, 2009

Supporting Julia in Peru

I popped into Kiva this morning to try to get in on a loan a friend is on (mentioned on facebook) and it was full, but I found a Julia in Peru to lend to.

Julia is feeding people in her home, and wants to start a small cafe. Kiva has helped her with money, as well as training. She's in Lima, so there is a chance I might make it to her cafe someday.


Marce said...

Hi Jennifer, I recently joined Kiva and also made a loan for some people in country. Though I recently became a Canadian citizen I am truly for ever a peruvian in love with my country and its people. Many of them go through rough times. Thanks for helping Julia from Peru. The idea of your blog is fantastic and very inspiring specially to me who I have started to burn inside in order to do more to make this a better world.

Julia said...

I am also a Canadian Citizen, and I love lending to people in Peru. Especially Julia's. I have a collaborator there, and will hopefully visit soon.

Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I am so happy it is inspirational to people.I just think the world will be so much better if we all focused our energies into doing good. And once you start, it becomes kind of routine.