Sunday, May 31, 2009

kiva loan to Guatemala.

I made a kiva loan today to Guatemala.
Mrs. Sebastiana resides in the small village of Nimasac Totonicapán and is married with six children. She has a small store of daily items, photocopy services, and the grinding of hominy. With the income she has generated she has fed her children and is a professional, enterprising person. She visits the office of Asdir to ask for a loan that she will invest in the purchase of daily consumed articles and paper for the photocopier as there is increasing demand for copies since there is a school near the store.


Habla said...

I am very interested in how you chose to fund Mrs.Sebastiana. I am also interested in interviewing both you and her for our citizen Web site When would be a good time to chat? My email is

Thank you!


Julia said...

I will love to help you out and promote Kiva. I will send you email.

Julia said...

Your email bounces. Please send me email -