Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Food for the vets

I brought a snacks to the vets today - 3 flats of cup of noodles, a flat of microwavable mac & cheese, a flat of V8 drinks, and a flat of orange juice, and a box of 48 granola bars. The flats have ~20-30 items. From Smart & Final. Anyhow, they really appreciated the items. It cost me about $40, it will probably last the volunteer office a few weeks-month, and keep a few vets out of jail 'cause they won't go robbin the PX or caf when they don't have money and are hungry. And every vet who gets something knows that someone cares. So its a really, really good ROI (return on investment). And its easy for me, when I do my Smart & Final run I buy extra and leave it in the car and bring it in when I go to lab meetings. I have a little 'granny' cart and just have to remember to walk up the way with the ramp and not the stairs.

I'm thinking there are VA's all over the country that need snacks. They may not all serve the same number of homeless vets as we do, at least I would hope not. They live all over the VA. I should do a photo op.

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