Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's your best idea for Africa?

Today a friend introduced me to a new challenge (Thanks Ramona). She said:

"There is currently a challenge running called "What's your best idea for Africa?" In this challenge you have the power to help solve rural Africa's greatest challenges – simply add your voice, your comments, your ideas. Your idea could win up to $3,000 each month. In November, the best action plan wins $20,000 – plus opportunities to meet with leaders in the development community to discuss bringing those ideas to life.

The project I have found really worthy to support is called "CreditSMS - The Future of Microfinance (". CreditSMS is developing an SMS-based microfinance delivery and tracking system in order to reduce the transportation costs associated with delivering credit to clients in rural and disconnected areas. In turn, they hope microfinance institutions will use revenue saved to lower their interest rates, making the loan environment more amenable to BOP entrepreneurs and encouraging higher participation.

If you also think that this is a great idea I would be very happy if you could add your vote at (the little green button on the right - "endorse it!"). You have to register first but this is rather easy."

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