Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I made a loan today to Julia Chamorro in Totonicapán, Guatemala to purchase raw materials for her business. I couldn't resist a Julia with a sewing machine!

I also made a loan to the Senor De Lagunas Group in Bolivia. The thirteen women who make up the Señor de Lagunas Association are all members of the Los Andes Community Center, which is located in the city of El Alto. It is a very cheerful group that works very responsibly on the center's internal activities in cooperation with its loan officer.

Most of the group members sell clothing. For example, Vicky sells pants for all ages. Other group members sell jackets, winter clothing, or baby and children's clothing, while some prepare and serve meals.

The group members are requesting larger loan amounts in order to buy more merchandise so that they can increase their sales and their incomes. They all share the ultimate goal of improving their families' quality of life.

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