Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Been out of the country for the last week, visiting family. Made my world and theirs a lot better.   Saw a friend I haven't seen in decades, but am back in touch with thanks to facebook.   It's always good to get home.

I get amusing SPAM on this blog.  People try to promote their own sites by leaving comments on mine. Since I moderate all comments after the incident, I don't let the spam get published. But it does amuse me, because it often says things that are blatantly not true. The one I read today said 'I like the way you do so much research and spend so much time on your posts'. Um, no.  I actually cut and paste a lot because I am trying to do it every day, and I'm busy. And if I gave each posts a lot of time and did a lot of research (up to my 'normal' level), I wouldn't post as much.

Very few people I know in real live know about this blog. I do sometimes tell some of my activist friends about it, 'cause I do like to be inspirational. I'm glad it inspires strangers too. But one of my real life friends saw this blog and commented 'this doesn't seem to be up to your writing'. And she was right. It was all mostly cut and paste and not a lot of my usual self analyses ramblings.  Perhaps some day it will go like that.
If I didn't spend so much of my day writing I might write more here. But in the mean time, let me tell you about my latest kiva loan.....

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