Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kiva loan to Baby

Made a kiva loan to Baby.

Greetings from Kandeh town, a community near the small and busy southern city of Bo. 
This is Baby a 42-year-old businesswoman and mother. Baby got her name because she was the youngest in her family. Baby now has five children of her own aged between 6 and 21. 
Baby has always been involved in trade and did not finish her schooling. Because of this, it was a natural progression for her to set up a small business independent from her parents when she grew up. Baby has a table at a busy marketplace from which she sells onions, palm oil, rice, sugar, gari, fish, and other ingredients bought by her customers to make local spicy stews such as green, cassava leaf, groundnut soup, and pepper soup. 
Baby works hard for six days each week and has built her business so she now sometimes hires two extra people to help her. She says her business is running smoothly, and she likes when she sells to new customers for the first time. 
Baby would like to use this loan to buy more cooking supplies to sell to her customers.
Baby is very well regarded by BRAC Sierra Leone, having previously repaid five loans for her business. She thanks BRAC Sierra Leone and Kiva sincerely for their financial support which has really helped her make family life more comfortable.

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