Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Kiva loan to Suriname

Made a kiva loan today to a new country,



Mahinder is 30 years old and lives with his wife and two school-aged children. Since he turned 17, after leaving school, he has been working in agriculture. He also works as a field worker at a banana company. With this income he provides for his family. Mahinder is planting only on rented plots and wants to have his own plots. With his business skills, he can save for his own plots. He does business with Seva MFI, because he had no capital to do business with other financial institutions. Mahinder asks Seva MFI for a loan of SRD 10,000 to buy fertilizer and pesticides for his rice cultivation.

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This loan is part of Seva's effort to reach marginalized rice farmers who are excluded from Suriname's traditional banking system. This type of loan is designed to help agricultural entrepreneurs become self sustainable. This is especially important in Suriname, where microfinance is limited. These loans provide farmers with the opportunity to thrive in a country where rural and agricultural businesses are considered to be too risky for commercial loans.

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