Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kiva loans to help the world

Another Kiva loan to a Massah.
Hello from Kandeh town, a community near the small and busy southern city of Bo. This is Massah, a local 38-year-old businesswoman who is married to a teacher. They have three children aged between 10 and 25. 

Massah was a housewife but then started her business so that she could support her husband in paying for her children’s school fees. Massah sells dried and smoked fish to her customers from a table near a busy market place. The fish is smoked on a grate whilst small pieces of wood burn underneath. Certain fish smoke better than others and Massah tries to run her business in tune with local demand and whatever fish is available from the ports. Massah works hard throughout the week. She says that everything is going well with her business. She is steadily getting more sales and meeting new customers. 

Massah would like to use this loan to purchase more fish to sell to her customers. She would like to say a big thank you to BRAC Sierra Leone and to the Kiva community for their financial support. The access to capital for her business helps Massah provide a comfortable life for her family.

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